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Rabies Vaccine (Vero Cell) for Human Use, Freeze-dried

The strain of rabies virus CTN-1V is produced as the virus species.  The homology of CTN strain and nucleotide of various strains in China is 82% to 93%, homology between which is greater than that of other vaccine strains, and more suitable for domestic use in China.

Adopt the world's leading U.S. NBS bioreactor

Adopt the large-scale cultivation process of world’s leading U.S. NBS40L bioreactor , together with the easy-to-attach, high-yield polyester chip carrier (Fibra-Cel Disk), to achieve stability control on the entire cultivation process, and greatly reduced exogenous pollution risks.

Adopt No antibiotics-added during whole production process technology. Without residual antibiotics and side-effect problem, vaccination response incidence is greatly decreased.

Quality indices are better than national standards

 Standards     Titer   Bovine Serum Albumin
 National pharmacopoeia standard  ≥2.5IU      ≤50ng/dose
 Zhuoyi Bio registration standard  ≥4.0IU    ≤40ng/dose

0.5ml/dose,more convenient and safer

Less side effect. Higher safety. Single dose package for convenient use.