Welcome to Changchun Zhuoyi Biological Co., Ltd.

Brief introduction

Located in Economic Development Zone, Shuangyang District, Changchun. Changchun Zhuoyi Biological Co., Ltd. is a key vaccine manufacturing company in Jilin province invested by Zhejiang Serkoning Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Founded on Jan. 27th, 2005, Zhuoyi Bio is with a registered capital of 95.08 million yuan and a total area of 41,600 square meters. It has a leading domestic vaccine research and development and production capabilities.


Changchun Zhuoyi Biological Co., Ltd. devotes to the R&D, manufacture and sale of new-type vaccine. Biological product currently approved in the company is Freeze-dried Rabies Vaccine (Vero Cell) for Human Use. Zhuoyi Bio successfully passed the two-in-one inspection and obtained registration approval and GMP certificate at the end of 2016. Officially put into production in Jan., 2017. The company's existing workshop covers an area of approximately 5,700 square meters, with a total investment of 300 million yuan, and a maximum annual output of 1 million copies. The second-phase workshop was completed

at the end of 2017, with a production capacity of 4 million people.


Zhuoyi Bio has nearly 2,000 square meters of pilot research workshops, including bioreactors, ultrafiltration systems, AKTA purification workstations, fluorescence microscopes and other advanced equipment for virus cultivation, purification system improvement and the identification of recombinant proteins. Our company maintains close scientific research cooperation relationships with a number of research institutes at home and abroad. Currently, our cooperating projects include human papillomavirus 16/18/58/52 tetravalent vaccines, new compound adjuvant rabies vaccines, rotavirus vaccines and

other R&D projects.


Adhering to the core values of "honesty, diligence, innovation, preciseness, learning and happiness", Zhuoyi Bio serves

the Chinese vaccine industry and people's health.